Feedback Needed For Admin Panel UI

Hey there! So I had a good idea of making an admin panel and seeing what my capability of doing this was. I did the main part first and I need some feedback of how it is so far.

Image of the Admin Panel UI

Thank you for reading! :slight_smile:


Cool concept! Although I have one critique. The dark lettering almost blends into the bright neon background. Maybe lower the opacity on the background? Or even make the type a lighter color so it pops more? Good luck!

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The admin panel is a bit too simple, you could try use other tools to make UI like photoshop. For UI I always use photoshop, also for the color of text I would recommend some color opposite of the background. Example: The buttonโ€™s background are black. The font color should be white. Also try change the colors a bit of each button, or even add a icon on each button, like in the fly button add a icon of someone flying. Also try to get a reference to help ya with UI. Good luck with UI! :+1:

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