Feedback needed on a fun game

Hi Guys, so I made a fun Pay-To-Win type of game but with good things, like you can fly, explode someone, jail someone, or kick someone. I also made a logo for it. So I need to test it. They just cost 5-25 robux. You can explode for 5 only. I need a test for this, if it works or not.
Let me show you the logo

This is the game logo, tell me how it is !

Also, I recommend you to play this when players are there, otherwise there is no need to spend robux on it. But for now, I also need someone to test it.

Game link - Pay-To-Avail - Roblox
Thanks :slight_smile:

The thumnail is good for a starting game, but otherwise theres no thumnails(not icons) and i feel like they are not to detailed. I would make thumnails and make it more detailed so that more players will see the thumnails and think its a good game.

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Yea I’ll agree with the thumbnail. Make it a bit bigger to get rid of the blank space.

I like the title of the game but not the logo. It looks like something a 7-year-old would play, but it’s harder to advertise to that audience. Try adding a background or whatever the game is about.