Feedback needed on Build I recently made

I’m looking for feedback on this build I created so I can improve it.


Its cute and seems like a good start, there are however some things I would change. Ill stick the main stuff.

  1. Try adding different colors to the house, ie. the roof could be of a darker shade.
  2. Similarly, try implementing textures.
  3. Fix up the gaps for the wooden planks, you can see through the house haha. You could do this by adding another set of wooden plans of another shade of brown perpendicular to those
    I think thats that in terms of major changes. Very good attempt, I like it alot, keep up the hard effort :slight_smile:

Yo, so like, where is how dem wood planks being held up. Alien magic?

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It looks really nice, good job.

  • Try using varied colors / materials
  • Change the gaps in the walls as this makes it kind of hard on the eyes and gives it a kind of unpolished look.

I really like the balusters that you put on the outside railing though, they look really nice.

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I like the balcony (or whatever it’s called), but both the exterior and the interior needs significant improvement.

Let’s start off with the walls, where it’s the most obvious. Like the first person has pointed out, you need to fill in the gaps, or you could put a wall with the wood parts. If you’re planning to make a rural house, don’t make a huge bunch of gaps. Realisticity should be the priority (and yes, I have seen you being realistic in this house, so good job!)

Experiment with different colors. If it’s all in one color, that looks bland and uninteresting. I’d also like to direct your attention to the ‘balcony’. The rhombuses could be in a different material and color.

Put furniture in the interior. Nobody would like to live an empty house. Try beds, cabinets, drawers, a desk and even some cooking utensils and equipment.

Overall, good building, but a design that needs improvement.
Good luck on your house!
afampany (EpDev)


@WSSI @RlGHTEOUS @afampany

How’s this?

Boom. It’s now more attractive than ever. The stairs need to change.

Also, you haven’t changed the color and material of certain things.

I did change the roof color, I made it a little bit darker.

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This is quite good. However like what WSSI said, there are some gaps in between the wood planks and that is a bit off. Other than that I would say it looks great.

Looks much better in my opinion, great job.

This build is great and has some stunning detail to it.
But it’s lacking an amount of color, so to change it maybe change the shades on the fences for an example!
I hope you enjoy your experience building :slight_smile:

I like the build there are just some small things that you may want to look into adding and changing.

The cabin has a nice layout, but I’ll try adding more to the cabin at the moment the cabin is pretty plain and the roof doesn’t have a proper texture to it, maybe add some wood planks so the cabin could have a more welcoming look consider placing an overhanging roof to the building.

I suggest adding a door and a handle maybe add a frame to it. In my opinion, since the building has one material I would try maybe changing things up so it doesn’t blend in with the rest of the build. And there seems to be nothing else placed on the house, maybe try adding some windows around the house, try placing one or 2 in the front of the building next to the door.

I would also change the door frame. Try playing around with the colors a bit more. Having all pieces be the same color doesn’t look good. I would try different shades for the roof, try removing those wooden planks and make them shorter and see if you can find a nice contrasting color for it.

There’s a lot of gaps bigger than the others inside the house, I don’t know if its intentional, but maybe keep it even.