Feedback needed on my game

Hello, I would like to ask you for your feedback on this game. I am kind of new at developing games so any opinions appreciated!


Nice game. Maybe add it so you have a tutorial GUI telling us about the game. But still keep the one from the quests. (So add a visual and physical tutorial).


Fun game to play Well done good job

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This is a really nice concept, but you might need to add some more detail to the starting area. For starters, when you’re going through the tutorial, the arrows should disappear when you’re close to the NPC rather than just have the arrows go into it when you’re talking to the NPC. In the tutorial also, when your near the end when you have to collect 50 souls, the arrows should just be guiding you to one, and have the player find them their selves since there’s a lot of them around. It’s a pretty good game, but there’s a lot of work you need to do.

I only played the game for a few minutes, but I would encourage you to make the water be kill able. What I mean is, when a player touches the water, they should die, because you can see the bottom of the map and such. Also, with the knight boss, on occasions, the thunder-strike sometimes doesn’t register as a hit. Also when you spam click the fly button, your player is stuck in the jumping animation and it gets stuck for around 2 seconds. Also, the broom and go through things that a player walking normally can’t, such as going through chests. Screenshot below.

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