[FEEDBACK NEEDED] "Traditional" Japanese Home


As always, I’m Jax. Recently I created a “traditional” style Japanese house which looks good so far. I had to think of the smallest details to make it look better even if it isn’t really visible.

I really need feedback on this and would be happy if you give ideas that are decent enough for this specific build, I do not plan to make anything in this for other games.

Used Techniques (to make it look better)

  • Baked Lighting (Using the LightUp! plugin)

  • Changed ColorShift options, resulting in better lighting.

  • A lot of small details (such as food positioning, AC and etc)

This is all in Compability lighting (which is the worst lighting technology in my opinion) with alot settings changed.

The flags in the dining area is there because of the East Asian history with Turkish countries, and I wanted to show every country which is considered “Turkish”.

Game Link:



Please take the time to reply to this topic and give feedback, voting alone isn’t helpful enough for me to continue making similiar games.


How good is the lighting, build and details?
  • Amazing
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Meh
  • Terrible

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Wow, this is great!

I absolutely love the lighting and how the lamp glows like that (I forgot what it’s called, sorry).
Personally, I’ve never visited Japan, nor am I Japanese, but I feel like this resembles a Japanese home greatly.

Does this build have an exterior? Currently I am not able to join the experience, as I am on mobile.

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This is Great. I wont be able to give you the best feedback as i mostly am not into realism.


You still can join, its extremely optimized and still looks great at the lowest graphics.

Sadly, no. I don’t want to work on outside lighting much at the moment. The only “exterior” you can see is some grass.

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Well that’s a bummer. I still absolutely love the interior. Amazing work, you can go a long way in Roblox developing with those set of skills.

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This is incredible!

Even without the lighting and high graphics, this would be a very impressive build; kinda reminds me of @Crazedbrick1 builds.

I like how relaxed the build is, wish it had VR support!

Here, have a cookie because you made a very good build: :cookie:


It’s good, reminds me of bloxburg. Wow, imagine, a game in roblox could make something better than a creation made in the studio itself.
If you try hard enough you’ll beat it soon!

Are you trying to say you wish Roblox Studio type stuff was possible in game?

No, I’m just saying, it’s unbelievable that bloxburg creations are legit better than most studio creations.

I feel like that’s a very back sided compliment

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Hi, @VauItZone. The lighting and design looks great.

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Sadly I’m currently unable to play it because I’m using an unsupported device. Still, looking at screenshots, I can tell it has got to be a good game. Keep it up! :+1:t5:

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Wow, what an amazing build!

The lighting and atmosphere really give it its character. I liked how you added the detail into literally everything, TV, floor, food, cabinet, walls, etc.

Photo for those not able to play:

Honestly, great job. You did absolutely amazing.


I would add more plants, like a bonsai, it’s looks good so far :grin:

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I was considering the idea. But it looked extremely off place. I might try again sooner or later.

Some of them had to be free models such as the TV and flags (just the mesh) I have no idea how to use blender so for now I have to relay on that.

Thank you.

Have you got the user’s name? You can try reporting them for False reporting, if that’s even a thing on here.