[FEEDBACK] New lighting for the environment, and some things removed / Opinions

Before continuing, I want to explain that this game is a map for exploration and more about the medieval era, where what was commerce like? What were clothing like? among more things,
However last time I uploaded photos of this map but when I see some suggestions I took them into account and that is why I upload these photos to see how I evolve, like before and after!




From the before and after look of your medieval construction It looks good and detailed, I like the detail and depth. If I would change anything, it would probably be rotating or adding another variety of trees instead of pine trees and replacing them with other types, personally I think this could add a whole new level of depth to your project.

As far as making it feel more “lively”, I think that you accomplished the overall design of the place what I do recommend is placing some wall lanterns on the front of the buildings so the area won’t look dark and plain. The dark areas and windows kind of giving it a bit of a lively feel and possibly adding some street lights and making them bright could help with that.

I don’t know if you’re planning on adding other buildings in the town to make it fuller, just add in some random details and keep playing with them until you get something you like. If you have a blacksmith somewhere in that area you should place some tools including anvils, racks to hang different size hammers and other types of tools, the lighting gives the place a more natural look. Hope you continue with this project can’t wait to see what you will take this in the future.

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Thanks for the suggestion :+1: And i guess what you have done