[FEEDBACK] New Puzzle Game

Hey there! I have recently been working on a new game called gravitex. Since I haven’t seen many puzzle games I decided to try to combine a puzzle/strategy game with gravity. I need some support or feedback on what I should add, things that could be cool, and some suggestions on design. I know it isn’t the best so far but remember it is just a demo.

  • I am trying to make a good unique game that people want to play and keep on playing.
  • I however am having some problems thinking of things to add like goals. Maybe some extra things to do to make it a more interesting game.
  • I made it sort of an obby in a way. As you can see, I have added things such as red glowing blocks that cause the player to die or in a more friendly matter restart the stage. I fixed some bugs that I have already found.

I have provided a link to the demo of the game so you can (if you don’t mind) trying out the game and giving some input on it. Thank you for reading and have a nice night! https://www.roblox.com/games/4845744144/Gravitex-demo


I can’t tell if I’m bad or the game is bad, but it feels like the game is pushing the whole gravity mechanic too hard. Precise jumps in a normal obby can be challenging, but here it feels like the whole game is just precise jumps. Maybe make make the gravity gimmick much simpler, using only 90 degree or 180 degree gravity shifts. Using these weird angles can make the game much more challenging. I felt that level 2, despite being simple in nature, was very difficult.

A bug that I found is that sometimes, you would just slide on surfaces while not moving.

Essentially, make the game much easier in order for the player to enjoy the gravity-shifting aspect of it, and then put players into a challenge with the puzzle part and shifting around.


This game has a cool concept, but poor execution. When you switch into ‘gravity-shift’ mode, the controls become confusing and sometimes unreliable, like on Room 4, it’s hard to get on the slanted parts and half the time you fall off and I am having to find myself adjusting the camera to align with my Torso (intentional?)

I cannot say this game is good or bad because my view on this game is mutual. I have nothing more to say because I am not so good at criticizing things, maybe if you fixed some things, I would definitely play it.