Feedback | Obby Racing Game

Hey there, I’m planning on launching an advertising campaign for my game Ro-Rally this weekend. However, I’m concerned about whether or not the game will actually succeed - so I’d like to get some general feedback and opinions to ensure that the game is as good as I can possibly make it before the campaign is launched.

Any critique is appreciated, if there are any bugs in the game that me and my testers might’ve missed out on - please let me know.


Can you add pictures to this post please?

Sure thing, here’s a gallery showing some screenshots from the game taken using Roblox’s free camera functionality.

I also have some footage here that was made to show off some of the game’s UI elements.

As far as I see,I think this would probably be a success

Going to give this a go and type out my feedback as it comes up;

Upon joining the game, you give players a lengthy tutorial. For a game that is as straightforward as “Run to the end and don’t die”, this is unnecessary.

The GUI that is on screen while playing or in the lobby, is very cluttered-together and can easily be spread across the screen more easily. Extracting information out of this bottom-right display takes quite some effort.

The intermission time is extremely long, with little to nothing to do in the lobby. This is waay too much downtime.

Upon the start of a round, the game triggers another ~20 second countdown. Why?!

While running on the course, I can not see where I’m heading. The obstacles in the distance can’t be seen due to the thick fog and I have no orientation as to where I’m going. all I can do is focus on the path immediately in front of me.

Where did my outfit go?! Taking away player’s outfits and re-selling them is rude, uncreative, and shows that the game lacks other monetizable progression and customizability features.

The GUI doesn’t seem to scale for smaller screen sizes. If I resize my screen to be a similar size of a mobile phone or tablet, the GUI’s start overlapping. Since they are all part of the same screen gui and not properly sorted, now some buttons show on top and som below other elements.

The game pace seems extremely slow with rounds that last 4+ minutes. Combining that with the large number of checkpoints and the repetitiveness of randomly generated obbies doesn’t seem like a successful formula. Other games that succeed in this genre keep the rounds quick and easy, with achievable end goals for all maps. Look at Speedrun 4, Speed Race and similar games.

Sorry for the harsh feedback, but I feel like there are a dozen of things you’d need to improve for this game to have a chance to succeed. Not that it wouldn’t gain any players otherwise, but you have to look at your direct competition which are most fast-paced games such as Flood Escape, Speed Race and Speedrun 4. Those are all snappy fast-paced games that drag players in with the game loop, while your game seems to repel me with the amount of forced downtime. The polish you have going and the visual identity are pleasing, so you certainly have something great. It just needs some work to be suitable for a casual audience.


It seems like many of the problems are fundamental flaws with the game’s design rather than things I can fix very easily. Would it be better just to restart with a new idea?

I don’t think so. Most of the things I’ve listed can be changed quite easily. Re-thinking your monetization/customization options might take a bit longer, but that’s not worth scrapping the game for.

It definitely looks like a game that has some viability and will attract players, but those things will make it harder to drive player retention and build up a more invested audience of players.

Ok, one thing I instantly found is I got VERY bored. The game took forever to finish, there was nothing to do in the lobby, and why on earth is there a 60 second intermission. I would imagine you only need maybe 10s max.

I may I have to say this will be a good game it’s so what new also can xbox players play this game?