Feedback of a model I made?

I call it the coolest noob note: the blue outline isnt on the actual piece


looks nice but maybe some more detail on the body and legs, like make the legs separet and the arms separete from the bady

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What program did you use to make this?

It looks pretty good, only problems is I would recommend you to smooth the cylindrical head and the body and legs look slightly out of proportion, apart from that, well done! :grin:

I used tinkercad it is basically a free modeling service

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It isn’t bad. It reminds me of when people had to make models out of the primitives available in Roblox Studio at the time. But Tinkercad? I have nothing against it but I would highly suggest Blender. Blender is more powerful and receives updates often and it’s free. If you do decide to use it here’s something to start with. These tutorials will teach you how to use Blender, and how to navigate the menu and it’s user interface.

Thanks! I have been trying to find a device that allows blender

“Device that allows Blender”? What do you mean? Are you using a different OS or does your computer presumably what you’re using since Blender doesn’t support other devices not meet the hardware specifications needed to use Blender? I can tell you Blender supports Windows, MacOS and Linux so it’s pretty much available for everybody and that’s one of the reasons it’s popular and a go to for people that and because you don’t pay anything for it.

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does blender take a good computer to run? (in a typo i wrote god i meant good but its the same i guess?)

No lol my computer is broken so i need to run my stuff on ipad

wait can you run roblox studio?

No. I have to get my computer repaired first

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Hey! That’s made with TinkerCad! I also use Autodesk Tinkercad sometimes, becuase you can actually “union” meshes made from blender, as in Robox Studio you can’t union non-roblox models.

I think it’s kind of bland, as the legs, arms, and torso aren’t seperate. Also, the glasses and head could use a bit more detail.

The head in Roblox is round, and you can make the cylinder round with the bevel, then make it smooth with the sides properties and segments.

Blender needs a decent enough PC to run. A rig that was high end in 2013 or 2015 should work.

I would suggest smoothing the cyclinder out and beveling the edges, also use a texture instead of a part for the mouth Also try suggesting seperating the legs and arms a bit and rounding out the sunglasses The proportions is also off