Feedback of my first build

Hi! It’s Xavi_Builder!! But I also known as Andrew. But keep in mind that I used this account for devforum. :wink:

I am beginner builder with 1 weeks experienced!! I know I was too early to be builder. And I looking for feedback for my practice build :smiley:

My practice build

You can see my practice build ingame tho!!

I want to improve my roblox building skill, So please give me suggestion or feedback or maybe some builder tips!! :smiley:


that is spectacular for 1 week experience,however its empty

Hey, that’s not that bad for one week experience only! You could add more detail to the windows and make it look a little more see-through. The design is bland though and some detail like adding extra layers to the building would look nice. You can also add some decoration to the walls!

Example: image

Experimenting with small details like this can REALLY improve your build. Just don’t make the patterns you make too repetitive or it just becomes less unique.


Ahhh I see, My build is kinda plain tbh. But thanks for the tips, I keep that in future :wink: I always keep learning my building skill. But again, Thank you. :smile:

From the picture above, I think the walls is kinda too tall.


Amazing for only 1 week of experience, I really love the lighting you’ve used for the build, however you could try adding ceiling lamps, carpets and a cashier somewhere within the building, as of outside try adding more mountains and trees on them while putting up signs of your buildings name, good job

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Everything is Really Nice And Basic But maybe make the lights work to make it Look cooler, Overall Pretty Nice.

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I like that.
I like that simple style what you was use.

For some Simulator or Obby it will be Perfect.

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Aw thank you so much everyone!! :heartpulse: Detail on building is something I’ve been working on & improving at but I will take all of your advice. Thanks! :smiley:

It’s not bad building for a week as your first build, however, you should add more models to make your build less empty, including a counter, and possibly boxes or more clothing stands if necessary.

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Yeah, Decoration is the only problem that I have. I still learning modeling so I can make models from myself rather than using free models. But thanks tho. :smile:

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