Feedback on 1st week game design for Battle Gods

Hey forum

Today I’m looking for feedback on the fundamentals of a game I’ve made in the last couple of days. It’s a clicker-fighting hybrid with elements of some different games mashed together.

Basic shops

  • Weapons, “Artifact”, “Rank”, “Auras”
  • Pets (multipliers)
  • Skills (Health)

Core clicker loop

  • Clicking
  • Boss Battle (earn gems)
  • Active Aura (absurd multiplier) with gems for 5m

Core skill loop

  • Boss battle / Dueling earns gems
  • Active aura upgrade weapons

Just looking for initial thoughts on the Fundamentals of what the game could benefit from, or elements you already like to see. You will find a baseplate with the basic gameplay elements on it.

Most assets (Visuals, Sounds) WIP


Do we get anything for testing it? I mean I am going to anyways just was wondering.

I think it looks kinda good but all the GUI’s are white that is a little boreing

Honestly, what makes games great is not only because of the unique mechanics it has that allows it to differentiate from other games in the same genre, but with brilliantly-made visuals and overall polish it contains. When you’re making a combat game, you always want to make it fluid and a refreshing experience. You also want a good hook to ensure that the player plays consistently over and over again. You want to strive for variety, to make sure that every single time you place, its more different than the last and that you overwhelm the player just enough with the intensity of the difficulty.

When I first entered your game, I could instantly see the amount of potential it holds. The boss fights were okay, however it was a bit too easy and sort of boring. I was able to solo it in a few seconds and the fact that it only had one attack was kinda boring. If this is some sort of placeholder boss, it looks pretty fine. Though when making a boss, you want to make sure that it has multiple attacks so you could have the player be on their toes at all times. You also should add multiple layers of combat to also make things interesting, such as blocking, spells, etc.

But other than that, I am really excited to see what it will play like in the future.


Cool, thanks for the reply. I agree with your ideas, I’ll be doing actual effects soon enough.

I’m going to make this game a quasi-simulator, with elements of Clicker (grinding) mixed with Skill (fighting/etc). The clicker will be heavy so that it’s easy for most of roblox to enjoy. For this reason, I’m going to make the Boss, let’s say, 60% clicker action, and the rest doing moves like Stomps that you have to evade. Unfortunately easy games are more fun for most of roblox than ones that require skill.


The UI is a bit large maybe. It covers alot of the screen. The concept for the boss fights is there, though it needs to be developed. Particle effects and a better terrain for boss fighting could help achieve this effect, as well as custom animations for the bosses as well. Add a few more sword animations, and maybe improve the actual fight mechanics. All I did was stood under it and spam left click, which isn’t very engaging for the player. Again, the concept for a nice game is there, though you have a few things to work on.

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The UI could use shrinking and color but so far the game looks unique and has features that can differentiate from other games. :+1:

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Followed some advice here. Looking for more :slight_smile:

I decided to check out the game and I will say it is decently well made and there can be some improvements.

First of all, the UI overall seems a bit lacking. The names got me confused such as “store” and “shop” because I thought you could buy weapons or other items from the store UI, but instead it was shop you could either change the names up so it doesn’t sound similar or feature a name that doesn’t resemble that product nowadays, is smooth and well put together, eye-catching and simplistic UI.

Also, the map area seems a bit plain consider adding buildings and possibly other larger islands so players could explore to click different objects, however I’m sure this would be changed later down the line, however it seems too small to actually run around making it a bit boring for players that dive in to playing your game.

I’d recommend making the boss fight you make (maybe teleporting to that area), perhaps, have the boss running at you it be more fun for the player experience at the moment you can kill the boss in a few seconds, making it bored and kind of plain looking having the boss come attack players haves a chance to actually run around or try to kill it in time before the countdown runs out.

TL; DR: I would try changing a few things up to improve it i feel like the pets won’t really work with the concept. Also, what’s the point having a sell item UI on the side when there will be a pop up one that you could click easily instead of hovering your mouse over to click it? At the start, your game is very good it has some good potential and you should continue improving best of luck on your game project.

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Pets are pretty popular, so I think a pet-battle theme combo could work out.