Feedback on 3 Biome Island

Hello, I have just started using blender, yesterday, but I made this:

Any feedback? Everything except the cacti and the particle were made in blender, so just the terrain and the trees, but I am still proud.


The shapes of the island looks really neat. Just add more details and it looks amazing!

I have also built something like that before but with roblox parts


Each biome looks good on its own but they aren’t really blending in with each other. Try a gradient change from one biome to the next.


It’s pretty good, but the winter area looks more like a dead abandoned area since it’s so dark and gloomy. Try adding ice and snow that doesn’t look like dead grass to capture the effect you want.


Update: I have added snow to the winter biome:

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I think its a decent build. You might need to remove the whitish grass coz it looks kinda ugly ngl
Rather make the white colored grass part a lighter shade of green.
othen than that, its not bad :smiley:

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Also, I found some stuff sticking out of the ground and fixed it.

You should try adding a different layer under the island.
Try seeing what it would look like with the trees (or cactus) more rotated.
And fix this:
Screen Shot 2020-11-07 at 10.03.59 AM

Yh i saw that when I first made the post.

Looks fantastic! Great work! :+1:

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