Feedback on 3rd gfx

feedback appreciated


U must use rigs by MattRbx. And some gloss and transmission to logo.


Your GFX isn’t good nor bad. It isn’t the worst I’ve been, but there are definitely better GFX out there. This could be a whole ton more interesting and it just feels like wasted potential here. I have some feedback which will hopefully help your compositions look better.

  • Make the background a different color or remove it completely. The grey color is harsh compared to the rest of image.
  • Add a face to the character. I don’t like the thought of having no face on the character. It makes some GFX look bland and unexpressive.
  • I think you should make the character look more up. Doesn’t really look like he’s waving to us.
  • The logo is pretty bland. I would have at least made it glow as it’s the focus of the GFX.
  • You need to denoise your render. Try finding a tutorial on that. It makes your renders super clean.

editing is crudely done, your lighting and shadows seem to be rendered in eevee and this isn’t realistic, you didn’t use the current studio logo, your posing is very rigid and not fluid or dynamic, and then there’s the entire issue of gfx design.