Feedback on a basic game I made

Hello, I am a novice scripter I made this basic game for fun and learning purpose. Please give me some feedback on what I could improve or what would you add if you were me.
Thanks! :smiley:


It a good concept I will give you that. I just think it needs a tutorial and a name. Other than the it could be a very awesome game and I would definitely play it!

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Nice concept but, it is very unaligned which I despise. In addition, you have got to think of larger players like mine who just end up on top of the block which is very annoying. I am willing to help if you want?

– nothing after this either –

Yeah sure, that would made my day! :smiley: The game actually had quite a few bugs and error. I manage to fix some, mostly the errors message part. But I’m am too tired to solve the rest as I spent about 2-3 hours coding on the game. Problem solving and learning along and testing it over and over again ensuring the game is playable. Tbh, I am actually really proud of myself and I enjoyed making it.

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It’s a good start, but I’ve found quite a few bugs. Like mentioned by @thomaspemby1, it’s slightly unaligned. The block also spawned on top of the wall the second time. I recommend also adding small wedges in the corners. This would prevent the box from becoming stuck in the corner. Good progress so far!

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