Feedback On a Blimp I made [UPDATED]

okay, i took the advice of the replies and i think it looks pretty good. once again asking for feedback, thanks !


(this doesn’t use any meshes only unions blocks and things like that)

balloon by toowildchild and ignore the clouds


A few suggestions:
Maybe use SphereMeshes to make the actual envelope (gas bag) because the ‘rocket ship’ style doesn’t seem like a blimp.
Definitely more ropes, and make them attached to the sides of the hull. In ‘actual’ flight your envelope and hull would be swaying and rocking around like crazy.
Is this a hot air balloon? I just see the box over top of the forward part of the engine which you seem to be using to collect the engine exhaust.

Here’s a couple ideas you can use: Yeah, steampunk... - Roblox

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i guess it is like a hot air balloon, i should probably add something to go with that style of that. thanks for the feedback, also your game looks amazing.

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Wow, I would’ve thought that was made in blender. Only a few issues that I see.

  • The cone shape is not the best fit for an blimp, but it’s hard to do that any other way without meshes.

  • The wooden part beneath the balloon looks very loosely connected. Maybe extend the two wooden posts to the bottom of the balloon and add more ropes.

  • I don’t know if this is a design choice, but the propulsion looks more like a jet engine than what I think was supposed to be a propellor

Overall, very nice looking blimp. Very stylized, especially for no meshes.

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yea, i definitely should add more ropes, and i’ll connect it to the balloon. also i’m probably gonna keep the cone shape, i like it and it’s not meant to be like a very accurate blimp more of an imaginative one. and i’m not too sure if it’s meant to a propeller either. thanks for the feedback walter white !

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just thought i’d tell you, i worked on it and updated the post so if you want to see you now know.

added a ton of ropes and sandbags, go to the post if you wanna see.

Looks amazing now, the cone shape actually looks good now that’s it’s supported properly.

Very well done!

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Oh, and the Fabric Material works decently when you use it on narrow ropes.

That is incredible! I am very impressed that you made it in studio, good work!

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