Feedback on a build

Hello! I’m more of a scripter than builder, so my builds and meshes are really simple and I would really appreciate some feedback and tips on this build, it looks really plain to me, Thanks! image


It mainly depends on what you intended the style to be like, but it’s looking great for someone who doesn’t build much. First build I ever made was a box which i called a house. :wink:

The contrast in shape between the domes and the windows, halls, and doors doesn’t look too good. I would try and make those items fit in with the spheres by softening up their edges.

Other than that, this build is an interesting one.

Thanks, most of meshes here, even the sphere with the trees is from blender

Hmm? You mean they should have rounded edges?

Ah. Well, I find it harder working with meshes than bricks generally, even though I literally 3D model, occasionally. So I’d say you did a great job handling the meshes too!

Thanks :smile:

Rounding the edges is just a suggested solution, but the main issue is in their geometry. You have a combination of spheres and squares that do not compliment each other well.

Alright, will look into rounding the edges

Does this look better?

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I’m done rounding the edges! How does it look now?

It looks like a lunar HAB. I like it, but maybe just throw in some more details. It’s the little things that matter!

Yeah, it is a lunar hab, and you mean stuff like little rocks, dirt right?

Yeah that’s it! Rocks, maybe like an antenna on the roof, stuff like that!

Alright will look into that, thanks for the suggestion

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Ok, I’m done with the rocks the antenna I’ll do later, does this look ok?

I would darken the rocks a bit to match the landscape better

Alright. 30charrrsssssssssss

What? I didn’t catch that, what did you say?

I said that because of the 30char minimum