Feedback on a building

I made this building for portfolio, it took 3 hours. Any feedback is good.

Everything here is made with the 4 basic shapes. There is no mesh here.


I’d say for a sci-fi building, the jagged, asymmetrical window design is certainly unorthodox; it gives it more of a medieval fantasy feel to it.

Besides that, I’d say it’s a job well done. Nice work.


I’d like to say, that this looks very good, and I like the style of it, keep it up :slight_smile:

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Your building looks good. I like the light on the window. Keep up the good work!


This looks really cool. Like the sci-fi look. Keep it up!

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It looks epic. You could add a bit more detail into it; aliens, etc.

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I love the window that you probably made with triangles. The pipe also fits in with the sci-fi build. Very good.

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This tower fits in very well as a build used in a sci-fi related game. Keep up the great work!

Nice build! My feedback is that the windows look awesome but aren’t very functional, so they look slightly weird

Again, awesome work.