Feedback on a Café (PT. 3)

I have previously created two different posts on this café. I’ve been taking all feedback into consideration and this is my update on where I am today with the café.

I’m generally looking for some more ideas on what to do with the cafe, what else to build, create, or implement into my game.

Unlike the other posts I’ve made, where I’ve just shown pictures, I’d like you guys to check it out yourselves. (This wasn’t done before as I had a lock on my game that only allowed people of a certain rank to join.)

I’m looking for a lot of feedback and suggestions for this café, instead of giving feedback based off a couple of pictures with one angle. I’m also looking for you to tell me how fast or slow I am improving from the previous parts I’ve made.

Pt. 1
Pt. 2

This is the game. Please tell me if you get kicked on-join or you find any other issues related to joining. Your account must be 30+ days or older to join.

Please note that the kitchen is not done and that is being worked on currently.

EDIT: The game has been locked again and you cannot join unless you are a Verified Customer (which has to be done manually by me). I’m taking the suggestions that were commented already. Thank you!


By checking the cafe out I can see a lot of effort has been put into this, however, as for replying to feedback and suggestions. I think it’s important to get inspiration from other cafes if you want your cafe to have the full detail, but I’ll try to give some constructive feedback on your building.

You’ve got a pretty large space area which can be placed with a bunch of things around that section that don’t really work too well together in my opinion, which can lead to an empty spot. Specifically the large terrain which is just placed with tall trees and large stone rocks, consider adding a few other lively plants or a simple garden along the building however this is just my opinion.

So know from the feedback. I notice that you are going for a simple type of cafe, I believe this reflects well at a city place. Cafe typically accompanies outdoor seating under an awning or a roof. You may also include a cafe sign on the front of the building and an outdoor fireplace. You may also want to define some shape into making the building taller even if it’s one floor.

As far as the windows go, I recommend elevating them off the ground and dividing them. I also recommend double doors, because the symmetry is more appealing and a large entrance is more welcoming. Other details to add: potted plants, lights, a fireplace, maybe add some seating with some chairs so people can sit and interact with each other.

More Feedback

The front of the cafe is the most important part of a cafe. Here you want a strong atmosphere, but that depends on the overall theme your going for. Going off of what you have created, you should have more seating around the area, maybe include some umbrellas connected to the table near the door and various seating places something that’ll make the cafe less empty.

So maybe add a protected roof with a little fireplace underneath it to give other players to talk. The interior could look less empty, maybe try throwing some decorations on the walls and possibly add some seating and tables so it could have a defined structure.

Overall, if you want to improve, I would probably add a bit more decorations around the area and the interior or the things that look good to you, and make sure that everything is perfect. Definitely use reference images when you’re starting out to give you a guide. Anyway, Best of luck on your build.

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I completely agree with your feedback. Some of the interior is a bit empty because in a 50 player server, I want people to be able to walk around and higher ranks to supervise without the area being too cluttered. I also totally agree with the exterior. I might need to customize the tables a little bit more, and add more decorations instead of just tall trees, rocks, and sand. Getting feedback from having someone join your game instead of showing a few images is something that I’ll do do from now on, as I greatly appreciate all the feedback. Thank you for taking the time to join my game. :grinning:

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It’s nice, and it’s also simple, which I actually like. The exterior being a bit empty can be a bummer for some, but not others.

PS: Do you need an ordering system? I am selling Pre-Orders for one.

Good Nice Desing And Nice Sun! I Like These Designs

Are you commenting about my Pt. 2 build or my current build?

Your current one. I just checked it again, and I just realized the exterior is quite nice, same with interior, except there is a lot of “spare space”.

PS: Do you need an ordering system? I am selling Pre-Orders for one. More details can be discussed on discord

I don’t need an ordering system, but thank you.

All good

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It’s nice cafe! Keep it up!


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