Feedback on a couple of builds

For some earlier builds of mine, I was developing concepts which could be used in a school-themed group. I designed an auditorium, a gymnasium, and a football field which I think are pretty cool. Though, I would like your feedback on these builds as I wish to improve and make higher-quality builds in the future.


Here, I took a pre-existing space and converted it into an auditorium. For the walls, I made a neon wall and then created a part which would become the black part of the wall. With this part, I scaled it and then started duplicating it and moving it an x amount of distance from the other and eventually came up with the design shown in the photo. I’m pretty satisfied with how this design came out.


This is one of my favorite builds that I have done. In my opinion, this build came out to look pretty nice. It took me a couple of days but I wasn’t really working on it non-stop. For the couple of days, I would put approximately 2-3 hours into it and then at the end, I went back and made sure everything was aligned and spaced properly and all the colors fit in with the scheme.

Football Field

This was my first build for the football field concept and I am really proud of this version. I used a reference photo from Google with football field dimensions and converted them to Roblox. I also attempted to design this field similar to my old high school’s football field which made sense because their colors were also purple and white which was the theme I was going for.

Field Reference Photo

I’m interested to hear the feedback from developers all around the world! I’m not the most experienced when it comes to building but as I mentioned, I am trying to gather feedback and other useful tips which would help make me into a better builder for the future.


The auditorium looks kinda weird and the seats are kinda blocky. The second pic looks kinda open and the lighting is a bit weird but otherwise looks alright. Gj

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Amazing builds you got there! I like the small details that you’ve added into it, especially the curtains in the auditorium! But as mentioned, the auditorium seats looks kinda odd, you might wanna fix that.

Great job mate, keep up the good work!

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Looks great, only thing is maybe add some more detail to the auditorium.

Other than that good work!

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Thanks for the feedback! I do agree with you on the blocky chairs and openness of the gymnasium to be a bit weird. I’ll be doing some renovations to each of these builds and I might post the updates.

Thanks so much! Haha, yeah, the auditorium seats are a bit weird and I’ll be looking to fix that in a rebuild of the auditorium.

Thanks! I’ll do a rebuild of the auditorium and fix the seats and also add more detail into it like I have in my other builds.

These look amazing! They’re very detailed, but I would say the general build is king of blocky. Overall, nice work!

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Yea, these concepts were developed a year or two ago and they’re some of my first builds. For a novice builder, these designs came out nicely and I’m proud of them. In the future rebuilds of these designs, I’ll take the blocky aspect into consideration and do my best to make it appear less blocky! Thanks so much for your feedback! :slight_smile: