Feedback On A Diner

Hi everyone, could I have some feedback on this diner I made, it was based on a 1950s diner and took me around 4 hours


It’s not too bad but, why are there bowling pins? I’ve never seen one before at a diner and It also looks quite weird. The bloom is really distracting and draws my eye there and there isn’t really anything special there, I’d suggest maybe making the jukebox light up for the focal element. The juke box is also a bit way too small and the lamps are too big. Everything here just doesn’t seem like it’s in proportion so maybe try fixing that. The walls look fairly boring, I’d suggest adding a bunch of pictures or stuff to the walls since most 1950s diners seem to have a lot of stuff hanging on the walls. I love the clock but there aren’t any numbers or things to indicate the time. Other than that, it’s not too bad but can be improved a lot.

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Thanks yeah I turned down the bloom after but I didnt wanna re render, I got inspiration from this for the bowling balls

Im still working on the walls atm but I totally agree and yeah I definitley need to fix the proportions cause thats where I suck at the most

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:


I personally really like it! The detail is nice and I love how it’s all quite rounded! Just something to take note of: It feels a bit empty. I’m not sure if it’s that there’s no one in it, or it’s lacking decor. Maybe some 50’s Movie Posters (or 50’s Roblox Spin Off Movie Posters :wink: ) on the wall, some plates with half-eaten food and empty glasses, or even just adding in some players. It just feels lacking in filling empty spaces

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