Feedback on a few GFX's I made

I have been doing GFX development for a long time now, I have been using multiple methods to make my GFx’s.

Here are some GFX’s below:

Feedback is appreciated!
(I also have many GFX’s but I wont be sharing them right now)


The images are cut down, sorry!!

Well done i like them!
In future this belongs in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations


Thank you very much, I appreciate your feedback!

This should be moved to #help-and-feedback:cool-creations

Other then that, good job!

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Two things:

  1. Too blurry
  2. Shadows are off (Too dark, too light, misplaced)

Other than those, they look good!


I can understand, it’s because this GFX was done in Roblox Studio. I find it hard to do in in Blender :sweat_smile:

Woah, it looks perfect! I really like it.

All the GFX on my portfolio are done on Roblox Studio, and a graphics program, No blender. You just need to learn more polishing and techniques.

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I am glad to know that I am not the only one using ROBLOX Studio for my GFX’s!

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How long have you been doing GFX? I have been doing them for a day.

Maybe a month, I am not so sure :grin:

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It is a good thing that you made so many in one day! I did not do so much as the consumed a lot of my time.

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I can make a simple one with character and background that looks good within 10-15 minutes.

I think they look great! You should definitely move it to #help-and-feedback:cool-creations though otherwise this’ll get taken down.

The blurriness effect actually looks quite nice. I don’t see a problem with animating GFX in Roblox Studio then exporting an image with 3D Viewer (if your using that method).

I like them, but too much saturation and blur. You can’t really see well into what is going on in the picture.

I understand, my GFX’s are done in a way that the main picture is captured a little hazy.