Feedback On a Fireplace

Yesterday while I was building with friends I made this fireplace. In the future, what could I add to make it better/more realistic. (I want heavy criticism)






I have a few suggestions.

-I think you should union all the red bricks together so you create one smooth part and nothing is overlapping
-Consider using textures I recommend some building kits which carry a huge selection.

  • Perhaps more detail on the outside of the fireplace I will attach some links below.

I wish you well on improving this fireplace and I am looking forward to your future designs and builds.

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Thank you for your imput. I will use them in the future.
I have used build kits before, but this was a quick “speed-build” with my friends.

Thank you!

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The fire itself is very good and I like the way it looks, and I also like the way the logs look.


As for the fireplace, as @Bohors said it looks pretty basic and I would agree with him. One of the things I would recommend is trying to make the corners smoother and adding a bit more detail such as bumps and ash. One application I can recommend is Blender, it is a 3D modelling and texturing software and it can also be used to animate and do many more things. If you would like to know more about the application then you could visit this website.

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Some soot on the fireplace would be cool. Also, a grating could add detail

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Something like @Bohors said, you should merge the fireplace so that it looks seamless, but I highly discourage you from making it a union, because they can be easily corrupted and become invisible.

Instead, I suggest you select the brick parts and export it, then import it as a mesh so that it has no overlapping, and it cannot be corrupted. (You do not need to use any external program for this, just exporting and importing from studio).

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