Feedback on a game early in development

Hey! I started working on this new game I am calling “Splat!”. I wanted to get some feedback on the UI, movement system and idea of the game in general.

To keep it short, Splat is a game where you must try to stay alive the longest, if you hit an object too hard you will die. You can kill other players by rolling at them really fast, but it will cost you your life.


I’m still deciding the way I want to take this game, whether it will be a round based or just continuously switching maps with players keeping their time alive, and of course what gamepasses/effects to put on players like, a more sturdy ball, lower gravity, etc.


I love the game idea, and It’s pretty unique from what I know.

I do think that the splat text has too big of a shadow,

and this UI doesn’t really fit in with the rest.

The movement system is also nice, but It feels a bit too hard to die.

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