Feedback on a game I made with a friend

I made this game with @NateBucks a while ago. It’s a puzzle type game. You are trapped inside a PC and have to escape. We’d love to hear any feedback you have.

Here’s the link to the game:


good start but this game has a major bug

on the first level the gui shows up every time you touch the bottom

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Agreeing with @bushman_studio’s comment, i would add the fact that the Interface of the messages needs to be a bit better instead of just boxes. On the third puzzle (where you have to find messages and input alphabets), it took me quite a while to know what to do when inputting it, so i think you’ll need a clearer instruction. The first obby was way too easy, i could skip a lot of the tiles to immediately jump up. The rest is pretty much okay, keep it up!

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Good game love the detail, could have a tutorial at the beginning. Very thought through, run some ads for it.

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