Feedback on a game ive been developing

Ive been working on a game since around March 2021 (This being my first game, and first time use of roblox studio & roblox lua) and I am now at a point where im confident to release it very soon (With adverts etc. of course). The majority of the base game has been completed by myself, learning through tutorials and help from dev forum on the way, and only in the past few months got the help from very helpful volunteers to add 2 maps and a new lobby to the game (with extra credits that can be seen in the game description :slight_smile: ).

To smooth off any rough edges (I always like to get feedback and do so from beta testers regularly) that might have been missed, a look around the game with some feedback would be much appreciated ! (This can be anything, and don’t worry about coming across as offensive or anything like that, as the purpose here is for improvement!)

I see the game as relatively unique (I did come up with the rough idea for it about 11 years ago on another game (inventing it while playing with friends on call of duty black ops 1 for anyone interested through private games) but as I have seen advertising can be pretty tough for small developers at the moment, I feel the best option is to perfect/optimise the game as much as possible. But evidently 11 years is a long time, and Roblox is a platform where a vast variety of ideas are experimented, so finding something remotely similar may not be too difficult. (In mind of this I actually added a few concepts to bring it away from its rudimentary gameplay it had all the way back then).

The game would need 3 players to start, and as of which the things that really can be looked at is the Lobby, shop menus and overall feel of the game. (Obviously by chance if theres sufficient people in at one time other aspects can be looked at aswell).

Theres a NPC ingame depicting the rules/purpose of the game, but I can describe it here:

A deathmatch-style game consisting of two main teams, Royals and Assassins. Royals consist of a set of bodyguards, a blacksmith, and the King, which the prior two ‘teams’ must protect. The other main team is Assassins, whom must enter the stronghold and eliminate the King and those protecting him.

Assassins have a choice of ‘Rogue’ and ‘Bladesman’ Classes (Knife and Katana), whereas Bodyguards have a choice of Swordsman, Crossbowman and Wizard. The blacksmith has the ability to place traps around the stronghold to delay/ trap the assassins and has a slow hitting, stone hammer.
All roles come with a set cosmetic (With customisable skins from the store) and each assassin & bodyguard class has their own respective weapon skin line. Future plans would be to add in pets, and possibly trading.

Each map comes with a theme (The default being a stone castle, another being a gothic manor, and the third a Japanese-inspired village) and multiple more themes would be in plans for the future.

tl:dr , feedback would be appreciated on my game to help optimise the experience for players to have it in the best position for advertising (Without 3 players mostly only the menus, shops and lobby can inspected)

Here is the game link! : [TRADING]Kings and Assassins(Beta) - Roblox

Of course if you are interested in the games development following the game would be appreciated but this is by no means neccessary as the main purpose is for feedback!

Thank you to every who provides feedback in advance!

ps: if anyone is interested in the skyscraper ad im planning to run, that could be posted here too for feedback.

Screenshots of the 3 maps:

tl:dr , feedback would be appreciated on my game to help optimise the experience for players to have it in the best position for advertising (Without 3 players mostly only the menus, shops and lobby can inspected)


Interesting idea. I’ve actually had vaguely similar ideas for medieval fighting games before, so I’m able to view this game from a bit of a unique perspective. Unfortunately I never got 3 players to test the game but out of the functions I was able to take a look at, here is my feedback:

This has a visually inviting design. Honestly, though, I wouldn’t mind if you pulled back the clips on the map to let players walk around beside the houses, because being able to interact with them (not necessarily go inside them) would personally encourage me to wait in the lobby for longer.

I’d also suggest giving the houses some kind of door frame, because the doors bumping out of the wall without context doesn’t look very clean.

The shop is functional, and I enjoy the fact that you’ve kept with one consistent font in all of your UIs, since many people go too far in that department.

Not a fan of these colours on the sidebar though, mostly the bottom two. While the darker elements blend with the background of the UI, the strong colours on these buttons seem to make too much of themselves.

Later ideas
So far you’ve got some good ideas in the game, but regarding some of the upcoming features I’m a bit skeptical whether you’ll be able to make pets work with this game. If pets are to simply be cosmetics that follow you through the game and possibly give extra rewards, I’m not sure what the point is of adding them since I would personally find them disruptive to gameplay. Of course, if you’ve got a unique idea to tie them into the rest of the game, then go ahead with it.

Short version
The lobby is inviting albeit a bit confining with the clips, the UI has an interesting visual theme going, and I’m a bit curious about what the function of pets will be in the final product. Overall it’s moving well so far.

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Thanks alot for the feedback! I agree with the premise of being able to open up all aspects of the lobby to the players to increase the ‘immersion’ of the Lobby and housing improvements.

For the shop I did have this thought aswell, however at the time was struggling to decide an alternative as an entire scheme of dark colours I felt gave off too much of a dreary colour scheme/design.

Later Ideas:

I have also had time to think about this aswell, in which I agree that the potential use of pets may affect gameplay in some way (This could be for example revealing the players position). The two immediate routes I can think of as of now would be to either pull the game away from a ‘hide and seek’ style of game, where the maps don’t actually create much oppurtunity to hide to begin with, or secondly serve them as an exclusively lobby cosmetic (Although this would take away from the benefit of having a pet to some players - this could be countered with lower prices for said pets).
Edit: A third one could perhaps incorporate pets sitting on the shoulders of players, as opposed to being a set distance away and hence drastically reducing their visibility to other players

Thanks again!

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Why does the word assassins have a colon and king, bodyguards and blacksmith don’t? Also if there are multiple blacksmiths you should put an “s” on the end of it. There is also another grammar error when it says “todefeat.”

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Thanks for pointing them out. And theres only one singular blacksmith protecting the castle, so on that end not putting a plural was correct :smiley:

This is your first time in studio? Wow.

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It is haha thanks, I have a lot going on with higher studies outside of Roblox aswell so just been trying to create as much time for it as I can. Do you have any improvements for the game ? :smiley:

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Looks pretty good, maybe add a video of the combat and tools?

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Il actually be launching an ad run from today if youre interested in checking the game out later! Currently working on adding a barricade system where the Blacksmith collects resources from around the map to craft destructible barricades for the final update for this week, thanks again for the feedback!

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Wow, sounds cool! Is it released?

From what I can tell on joining, this game is solely multiplayer right? That doesn’t make for a great launch experience, since it needs players to get players.

It is, and yes that is a problem ive realised, struggling with deciding the right way of advertising at the minute for this reason.

Added two new gamemodes so hopefully with a new set of ad runs a wider audience may be reached.

you should make multiple ads and price them low, so if theres a successful ad you know what ad to do.

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Great game for your first! Just saw an ad for it but it was just text which isn’t appealing to players. The game modes are great, my personal favourite is the Infection game mode. Some UI icons seem stretched and the spectating UI is placed in the middle of the screen.
The cleave button has a cooldown, which you could add a timer to know when the player can press the button.
Nevertheless, great game and fantastic work!