Feedback on a game!

I have been working with another developer on a Tower-Defence game and we would like feedback!

Here is the game: .

If there is anything that we might need to add, just tell us!


So as far as the game as a whole, runs pretty smooth decent to look at. However it does become repetitive and it feels like you kind of just give all the towers away idk if that’s just for the demo or what not. Aside from all that I would say the main lobby doesn’t match the rest of the game to an extent. I mean each level and even the ui is kind of cartoony in a sense and the lobby just doesn’t match it. Its a bit bland id even say. Another thing I couldn’t figure out is upgrading towers, I mean I didnt exactly spend a lot of time searching either. But there should be a better indication of how to unlock tower upgrades if you have to buy them in the lobby to use them or if theres a certain level that unlocks them ect. Last thing I had a problem with was there was a way to set what things are prioritized with the towers. I hit a boss round and right after these fast mobs came in and the towers focus switched to them because they were in the lead. I sadly wasn’t able to kill the boss ;c

Good work though

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Thank you for the feedback, we will make sure to do something about the feedback that was given to us!

Great game. But please add more sounds, also add animations for pig things on the first level

My feedback:

  1. Can gain exp after a battle, which appears to help with unlocking mage levels, but theres no indicator what level I am, how much to next level, or what level unlocks what.
  2. Waves in the Beach for example are significantly longer than the available mages to put on the field. It’s now a waiting game.
  3. Speaking of waiting, the next wave timer should begin when all previous waves are destroyed or after a set timer. I would also expect a button to manually start the next wave. Right now, on wave 20 of the beach, I have been waiting several minutes… the game may have froze.
  4. After battle (a loss), the exit door does not show up anymore. No menu option to quit.
  5. Minor bug: The UFO cannot be placed.

Positive feedback:

  1. The boss cutaways execute fantastically!
  2. The GUI is crisp and self explanatory.
  3. Like the variety of troop options and attacks.

Great potential!

Pretty cool, 1 thing that annoyed me its pretty small but can you make the menu buttons also act as close buttons if it’s open, I always click them to close idk.

Add background music so it won’t be a blank, silent place. And one last thing, when you move the mages near you, you get pushed/flung. Overall, this game is jun and enjoyable!

Thank you for the feedback! We appreciate it!

Thank you for the feedback, we will make sure to add background music!

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We will make sure to add that to make sure it is easier for players to maneuver around!

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We will make sure to add the 5 things you listed. Thank you so much for giving feedback!

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I like the concept of the game, but it could have a little more detail in the lobby area since it looks very plain. If it did have a more detailed lobby it would look absolutely golden! Also, good luck on your game and hope you succeed.

List of thing you should add towards the game

  • Lobby music (waiting music)
  • Little more lighting in the lobby area
  • Have a little more effects towards the lobby area