Feedback on a GFX commission

Looking for some feedback (preferably for those who are also experienced in this style of gfx) on this commission. Mostly on the vectors behind the typography.

thanks for all of the feedback, most of my replies said that it was too bright!


It’s really wonderful! But too bright. Other than that, it’s awesome!


I really struggle with brightness because I edit my GFX on mobile so what looks bright on my pc looks dark on my ipad and it’s hard to strike a balance. Thanks!

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Looks good, but I can’t really see what the words say.

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It looks really good and Unique! But make sure that it’s not too bright for both the image and the text. But overall, very nice job at making this!

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closer view:
it says Creamy Clothingimage


It looks really good and eye catching, but the only thing I could say is make the text stand out a bit more? Other then that it’s perfect.

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I’d suggest connecting your mobile phone to a monitor so you can see how bright I’d look on PC.

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The words kinda blend with the background making it harder to read

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what device are you looking at this on? i find it a bit bright on my pc hence why i can’t read it as well but i can still see what it says, but on mobile it’s fine

I was just wondering because lots of PC users say it’s too bright

It’s little bit too bright. I like design of it, awesome. :+1:

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