Feedback On a GFX Commission

So @KarmakSoft won one of my free GFX and I would like the community’s opinion what do you think??? Constructive Criticism and Feeback appreciated!


show more about where the character is at all I see is bright light and something he is standing on but the render is good :grinning:.


Great quality, I really like the Lighting in this. But what is the purple blot in the top-right?
Also, I can’t really see the shadow underneath him due to the block under him being pitch-black.

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Looks pretty good, my feedback would be:

What is he doing? Is he jumping weird? Is he standing on something I can’t make out? Make that more clear.

The lighting is way too bright, and the purple blob, what is that?

All in all, it’s a pretty solid GFX and you should be proud!


I will work on that thanks. Thanks For Some Constructive Critiscm.

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Looks epic, but it looks like the character is floating or falling.

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That’s really cool! I think the lighting is perfect, but you should work a little bit more on the pose.

I like it ngl, looks good to me :smiley: you are going through the right path

The render is great, but the lighting is way too bright. Also, the character looks like he is falling, so I recommend aligning his legs to look like he is standing on the surface.

I love the detail on the avatar! However the lighting in the back is just a bit too much.

A high quality GFX that could be improved with better posing, try bending his knees, they look awfully straight. and the arms are good but there is always room for improvement. Those are the 2 biggest mistakes, there are little things you can do such as make a more detailed background and maybe fix the purple light on his shoulder. This is a good GFX that could do even better with better posing.

First of all it looks like he’s standing on air. Second His overall pose is weird. Third the lighting is just too much.