Feedback on a gfx i made for a client that hasnt responded yet!

hey guys so i was looking for feedback while my client isnt online so i can get info on what i should fix or do better next time!

final product:

their request: yes, i’d like the character ‘guapsita’ to be the avatar in the icon. however, i’d want you to remove her head, so shes headless, but still keep her hair & her hat on. i’d also like for the color scheme to be pink/purple/white. oh and i’d also want text saying ‘avera’. and like i said, i want heavy effects, an advanced gfx, with shadows, etc.

changes we decided on later: pallet would be a sort of pink to tan tropical colors


Is the text permanent? If so it kinda ruins the gfx…

I can change it, but they decided that they liked the font!

What are those blue scribbles? It doesn’t link with the color very well, but asides that everything else is pretty spot on.

Those are probably watermarks so that people can’t steal the image.

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They are watermarks so people can’t steal them, I was going to make them transparent but It’s 5am and I am losing focus lol

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Another thing i want to point out is these white lines…

I think u tried to make the trail-like-thingies but they, in my opinion, look like claw marks. Apart from those two things its a really well done gfx.

Have a good day!!

They are claw marks, I was trying to give the “heavy effects” take as much as possible so I figured I’d add one.