Feedback on a GFX I made for a commission


looks good but the grass is way too saturated and bright and honestly doesn’t fit in with the whole thing.

if you can change it then it would be great


The grass is really bright and I think the font might need a change since it doesn’t really fit in. But the GFX is really good!

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Alright thanks for the feedback!

This GFX looks good, 9/10.
One question: what image editing software do you use?

The grass is way too green for the war setting, the background is very empty, the tank(s) do not go along with the uniform, the font seems too unprofessional, the tanks wheels seem that they are in the ground and, the gun looks very short.

grass don’t look like grass plus the grass look like it’s for an easter egghunt
um maybe change the text it’s a bit weird
add some blur in the background maybe

The design looks very good in my opinion but the grass is a little to bright for my eyes and would have wanted it a little more darker.

The grass seems very bright, also the text just blends in a lot so make it more vibrant.

Darker grass and more army themed font would work better.

Doesn’t look really bad. You should work on shadows and colors, especially the contrast and the luminosity. The soldier has barely any shadow so you might want to work on that as well. The grass has a very intense color, maybe make it a bit darker so it fits the theme.!!!