Feedback on a GFX I made today!

Hi guys I made a GFX recently for a commission (free) and apparently she loves it!

Her name is @Hunter_kenpro2304.
You should definitely commission her for pfp! She’s so good at that!

Here is the GFX I made her:

Have I gotten better?
I would love to hear feedback!

Thanks n Bye!


Feedback is appreciated. I really want to hear some cause my goal is to master GFX. So please tell feedback!

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I wish I saw this earlier - looks great! :+1:
Few things I find strange though is how low the bench is to the ground and how the grass is shaded. I’d recommend trying to find a different facial expression for the character to better match the environment.

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I understand. Thanks for your feedback!

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Looks good. I don’t have much to say, except some of the grass is sticking through her shoe which you might want to ignore because it would be difficult to fix.


the grass is spiky death. why. it looks like the person is jumping. the shadows are NOT normal. the bench model needs to be better. i dont get the grey background, or the character design unless for the comission or smth? and texture the tree and plus the tree is like deformed