Feedback on a GFX

I’ve held you hostage in this post. Give feedback or else I’ll never release you!
For those rats who want to steal this, I can find you- and end you :sunglasses: In a legal setting.


I thought you already posted this?

Right, I don’t see any watermarks.

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I don’t see how this will work unless Party B (The Person Stealing) has taken from Party A (You) and earned money from it.

Otherwise, great GFX.

My logic is wanky luv x


Omg, this is stunning, I love the theme!!!

Keep up the great work!!!

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You should consider adding a watermark to your designs. If you don’t want people to see them this is the best way, people don’t care about “legal” threatens unless you actually decide to get a lawyer involved or get someone from Roblox involved.

Your work is licensed under creative commons, so you can add “© FanTasTicDoggo1 2021” at the bottom of your work or even just add “FanTasTicDoggo1” as a watermark.

Your GFX is quite good, keep it up.

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Very good! 9/10.

Need to add watermark tho

The posing looks nice and the shading is pretty accurate, but just like the others say, feel free to put a watermark if you don’t want anyone to steal.

Overall, 9/10; great work!

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I live on the edge


the background soooo does not at ll fit in the flower thing looks too much like an image it doesnt have shadows the flower she is holding just looks weird the way she’s holding it the lighting need to fit beach lighting

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  • beach hdri
    -flower is rendered (although I put lights inside the flower to sort of make an illumination effect)
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lighting be harsh, it will definitely pop out but not in a good way, For a island, I can visionate a vibe calm type beach setting, what you have is a tad harsher than that. But its great posing.

It is supposed to be extremely bright, just like the hibiscus she’s holding.


LOL that is so cute I love it. :smiley:

ngl this is nice, especially the lighting