Feedback on a group icon

Hey there!

I have a group called “dev-7” which will be the group for my games, the 7 coming from my username.
I decided I would make a render for this group since I have some experience with Blender, so creating the render wouldn’t be difficult. It wasn’t.

After I finished the render, I moved to Photoshop to try and concoct something, however, as I am not a graphic designer, I need some feedback from someone who is more knowledgeable in this subject.

Just some information regarding it:
The font is the default Roblox Lua font, so that was a touch I was trying to create.
Also, the code in the background is there to enhance on “dev”, meaning developer.
The text is red to match my outfit.

Thanks in advance for any feedback! Feel free to be as harsh as you like haha.

Here is the image, watermark is to prevent stealing if anyone would want to steal this for some reason.

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The GFX overall looks pretty fair. It can use improvements though which will for sure make it better.

  1. You can have a better font. The font you are using right now isn’t very eye appealing. When you use a font that is more bubbly/creative it can change the audiences attention.
  2. Particles or Effects. I am noticing that there are no particles or any visual effects assisting with the eye-catchy concept of a GFX. Adding effects certainly helps with getting good visuals and overall a higher quality GFX. Maybe a vignette or glow, not sure.

What kind of font were you thinking of? Any specific ones? I am looking online and there are some actual bubble ones, some round ones, and some sharper ones. I was thinking of something more professional, not too sure though.

Was considering a vignette, wasn’t sure though. I will try it out. Just a vignette, or do you think another effect would add to it on top of the vignette?

Here it is with a vignette:
Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 8.23.13 PM

It’s honestly up to the eye. I can give you a few examples but if you don’t like any of them that’s fine. At the end of the day it’s up to the user.






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Yeah, I really liked Oracles. I think this looks way better, thank you so much!