Feedback on a laptop I built!

Hello! I recently built this laptop on Roblox Studio. Can you tell me how I can make it better? (This is my first post so tell me if it is in the wrong category or anything)


It’s nice! Also, this isn’t the wrong category and that is a laptop. :slight_smile:

The laptop looks great! I can tell you were going for the simplistic look.

Good start! To add more spice to it, what about to add small details like dividing lines on the touchpad?
Maybe also add one more cyrcle to the camera cylinder, so It looks more realistic.
Everyone starts somewhere, but this is a great start, just keep adding more details and learning with Roblox studio :wink:
Wish you a goodluck!

Thank you for the advice. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice laptop.
You are very good.