Feedback on a map

Hello, I built this map for practising my building skills and I’m looking for honest feedback so I can improve my buildings in the future.

Thank you :slight_smile:

NoteThis is my first time building a map, I’ve only been building for 3 months.


Very nice builds, what you could try to do better is have some more variation in the windows for example, like some longer, round shaped maybe, also maybe add something on the sides of the buildings since they look empty!

Otherwise, the colors and builds are very good! Really like it!


Wow this looks really nice, I imagine you’d be quite successful selling your building skills to those interested in creating simulator games etc. This fits the perfect low poly image while also maintaining a surprising amount of details.

However the road’s colours do undermine those of it’s surroundings causing it to look out of place. Added to this rather than the deep black you could try changing the window colours to neon parts that reflect the building’s secondary colour.

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This is a very decent, build you have made glad you make maps for practicing it will really improve your skills a lot more better. Like the low poly builds and the different amount of details you added to it map.

The houses look really nice, as said above it looks a little empty on the side of it. You could maybe add some more of those paths going! to the house to the street part, on the third (image) and maybe add some rocks, flowers, bushes, and others to the house to look more better like another window to the little. Tall houses at the bottom overall it looks really good i’ll probably add different, colors to the windows instead, of having them black!!

Other, then that you have really done a great job on your. First map keep up the good work!!

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Your map looks amazing!
You’ve done an amazing job considering this is your map, I’m impressed!
Great job!

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The map looks very nice, and there’s not much I can pick on except the placements of your bushes.

Like how can half of this bush be on the sidewalk?

The bushes also are kinda unevenly placed, like you have a lot of them in a few spots and also pretty close to the road in general so I would space them out.


Wow. In my six years here on Roblox, I have never seen a build so nice as this. The cars are nicely built, the buildings are well made, and everything. Keep it up!

Very nice on your map i like it but i do have some suggestions.


(1) to me it is alittle bright just maybe turn it down just alittle not much like a seed turn it down.

(2) it is alittle blur in these spots below.

(3) maybe make the cars not basic and make them look more realistic.

otherwise you did an amazing job on your map i like it.

keep it up.:+1:

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It’s beautiful. It does look quite bright though on the picture, though I’m not sure if it would look that way in game. Otherwise, this map is very impressive, especially considering you’ve only been building for three months and this is your first one. Excited to see what types of maps you’ll make in the future. Keep up the good work!

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The map looks great! I think you have done a good job for this being your first map, the houses look great, and the cars too! The only thing that I suggest would consist of adding mail-boxes to the house. It would help the detail/design out. Good job with the building. :smiley:

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I like the overall build design. Now all you need is a nice sky!