Feedback on a New Map I've created


Ok so the last time I ever made a map was around 2 months ago, but the thing is I barely make maps like the last time I was ever interested in making maps constantly or to get better was around a year ago, I wanted to think of a good and creative map something that isn’t as popular and maybe a bit more original and creative, I honestly can’t really think of a good name for this map so I just called it Imagination Land since I used creativity and imagination.



If you have any suggestions for what to put in the dark blue section please tell me, I really couldn’t think of anything, it’s mean to be like a night / moon section of the map, each sections has their own unique names and style.

Discord Server ( I post progress of my game like this map )


WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT DUDE THAT LOOKS SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! th are you doing sending creations go get a building/modeling job bruh.