Feedback on a new PvP game

Hi everyone! I’m a small developer, and managed to grow my group to about 600 members. The game itself has managed to get about 230 visits and 3 badges. I started this game on January.8th and it has been an ongoing project for my group. It is most enjoyable playing with friends, but if you would like to test with single player you are more than happy to!
Any feedback is Greatly appreciated and you can check it out here ((Rising Of War - Roblox))
New updates coming soon, and new icons/thumbnails will be changed shortly. Thanks! Have a great day!


The game page looks bad. 0 quality = 0 interest for the players.


Surely, this game is a good start to building as a small developer, but to improve your game for experience, here are some recommendations:

  • Add some weapons, since it’s a “PVP” game.
  • Make a shop for the coins, after all, without a shop, the coins would have no use.
  • Do not put in free models, since some of them have viruses and could be stolen. Building own models could help improve development!
  • Don’t add builds underwater, since there is no use for it.

The image looks bad!
Try using GFX so it can be better.

And even the game is not that realistic.

Even there are so many free models from toolbox. Build yourself


The page looks horrible! Players won’t play your game with these thumbnails!


Thank you for the feedback! I will improve the game page!

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Thank you for the feedback! There are already 5 weapons to choose from, and a shop for the coins. I do occasionally put free models in ( bad habit I’m trying to fix ) and the reason why some of the builds are underwater is because the old map was sunken, but I do not see the use for it anymore! Again, thank you!


Thank you for the feedback! Yes, the icon is very bad. I use Pixlr for all of my photo editing projects which I should not if I want good GFX. And I will be providing more “realistic” features of the game shortly. Yes, there is free models in the game. That is why I do not enjoy development as much as I used to. It is in fact a bad habit I’m trying to break because it looks very unprofessional. Again, thank you!

Thanks! I will be designing new icons shortly!

At least try to edit the obvious free models, get better thumbnails too.

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Okay! Thanks for the advice! I’m still kinda new to Roblox developing and I find it kind of hard. I will make it better. Thanks again!

I am also very new to developing, since I started in 2018. There’s no reason for you to just put free models in a game without modifying them at all with 0 effort.

Please don’t be harsh and give actual constructive criticism or feedback.

Oh, I started early 2022 :grimacing: I will notify you when the new updates come out!

Please don’t, I don’t want 50000 notifications.

realism :troll: go play SCP games its realistic!

Showcase games are more realistic

also more laggy… like alot.

I agree, the description and name is pretty good, but the thumbnail and images are kind of boring. Maybe try adding some players shooting/fighting in them, or just dramatic shots.

You call this tru feedback? I can even tell you didn’t try to give constructive feedback

Atleast tell him what to improve instead of “it’s garbage and trash”