Feedback on a new song I've made

Hello dudes! I’ve made a new song using FL Studio. The song is supposed to be called “Sound The Trumpets!”. It features brass as the main synth AND the song is a loop!

Any ideas to make the song more better? please reply!


One of the instruments is extremely panned to the left, balance it to the right and up its reverb or stereo width. Yikes.


This is much better :happy3:
I hope you can improve it soon.

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I fixed the panning problem as well as made a few changes to the song.


It’s better.
You should add some auxiliary percussion.
You should tone down the snare a little bit. Make the beat last longer.
Make an outro too.
Add a bass drum.

This sounds great! The only thing that you should possibly look into is the beat/drums, because they sounds quite “dry” if you get what I mean!

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It sounds pretty good, I got nothing else to say.