Feedback on a non-builder building

The interior isnt done yet ik


master oogways bedroom


bathroom :flushed:

smol bedroom



front yard

Rate or else… dk
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Looks pretty standard… if it was 2012, “standard” being a good thing because that means it’s actually put together nicely and cohesively, especially for a first time.

Sure any beginner using parts larger than like .5 studs could probably achieve the same thing, but atleast it’s not a jumbled mess of parts free-dragged into place with everything misaligned by something like .063 studs with seams galore, I’ve seen that in so many other places back then.

Points for precision building and by the looks of it, using snap to grid!

yes i was going for a retro styled build like 2012 or something similar thank you for the feedback and yep i did use snapping to grind as without it uhhhh yea lets NOT talk about it and all parts are like 1 stud thick (almost all)

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It definitely gives me those old time vibes that I love from Roblox! If this really is your first time, you did great and I think you should keep working at it! Just do what you love and eventually you’ll be creating some really awesome things. Oh, and my favorite part is the fence. :slight_smile:

Good first build! It looks pretty good!

Thanks I mean its my first time on “roblox” before that I built in minecraft but as minecraft building is easy as its just cubess your placing nothing much roblox building… is hard as you need to do snapping while minecraft has auto snapping but still thank you all!