Feedback on a place


I’m currently working on a place which is supposed to be a interview center not fully done but I think it could use some improvements! Let me know

I’m not a builder but any suggestions count.

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Could you send images? Would be great :wink:

I see people joining the game but still no feedback sadly…

I can’t go in the studio or game but if you join take a quick look around and give me some feedback that’d be nice :smiley:

I agree with @Jaudr3y I would leave feedback if there were pictures.

Hello there!
I have some feedback along with some images for everyone to see.

First, you will certainly need more furnishings in there. Both for the decoration and operations of your interview center. This could include, couches, desks, chairs, etc. For example, in image two, you should add a lot of chairs for people to sit in. However, it all depends on how you are going to run this place and what each room is for. Also, add lighting furniture for lights. Check out Model Creator on YouTube for a lot of amazing building tutorials. There are many on furniture. This is one of my favorite channels on Roblox tutorials. If you use toolbox for anything, search through the item on Explorer to make sure there are no bugs or scrips in it. If it is an object that doesn’t need a script, check to see if there are any scripts in it. Some developers put things in their models to steal your game or assets, or even information.

Second, make the spawn more exciting. This room is the first thing they’ll see. Decorate it, maybe even move it outside. Make a pathway. Make sure people know exactly where to go when they spawn in.

Another thing you will need is signs. People should know where they are going. You can use 3D signs and text labels on surface GUIs so people know where they are and where they are going. Check out this 3D text plugin that I use. There are many others out there as well.

One thing you can do to decorate the walls and floors, and plenty of other things is to use textures. For these, go to the Roblox homepage, and click Create > Library > Decals. Search for wooden planks or any texture you want on your item. (Wooden planks are something I use for flooring a lot and sometimes on walls and ceilings.) Copy the URL of your favorite decal. Then click on the item you want the decal to be on. Click the + symbol next to the item in the explorer menu, and search for texture. Add the texture instance to the item by clicking on Texture. Then, with Texture clicked in the explorer menu, look at the properties menu for the property Texture. Paste the URL into this box. Make sure the texture is on the correct side of the item and play with the tile. Here is a Model Creator video on some Texture tips, since my description was very confusing.

Finally, you should also add multiple more colors in there. Get a color scheme. If you have a group or a brand, use the colors on those. You should have at least four colors. You can put these colors in the signs, wall designs, floors, and more. Here is a website for color schemes of objects. There are other websites like this one out there as well.

Image One: Spawn Room

Image Two

Image Three

Image Four

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The center isn’t done yet we will be adding chairs and more.

Thanks for the feedback and for adding pictures for people to see.

The walls are very plain. I suggest mixing things up with some different materials and colors, or even custom textures. Also, it is very bright. Overall, with some more detail and color I could see this as looking pretty good!


Alright! I’ll work on adding detail and color!

Thanks for the feedback.

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Should I add some wall ledges???

What do you mean? Also, I have another suggestion. Make sure your floor plan makes sense to how you are going to operate the center. Your floor plan should lead people to the place they need to be, and onward. It should be the easiest and most efficient while still looking good.

It has alot of issues and as an interview place it can be a make or break for new players, if they see this theyll think no care was put into it and leave, I would suggest either hiring someone to build one or buying a premade interview place, maybe even find a free one in the tool box, if you have time this would be a great chance to hone your building skills and not have to rely on other builders but if you need it right away I would do the first three

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That’s why there’s called improvements bud. Plus this is already done.

If you got things planned out consider adding in the details. Do you need help finding a proper color scheme- what details are needed, how can I fell the empty space?

I think most of the decorations can be brainstorm I see it is still a work in progress, maybe try to not make the building very large as you would need to add more objects at the moment as it’s quite plain and empty from the rooms to the main area. It would make it blend in if you try adding some hanging lights and possibly plants, in the corners a floor rug wall details, a wall ledge would be a nice addition in interview rooms.

If you still need variety of ideas to fill in the empty space, I would recommend searching ‘interview centers’. At the start develop more time into add at least decorations;