Feedback On A Quick 2D Game Build

So a long time ago I made a 2D script and the project failed. I decided to find that game and do something quick with it, so I came up with a nice little concept. It is rushed but overall not bad. Please tell me what you think (it took 30 minutes) and if I should continue this project as something bigger. (For example a 2D zombie survival game or obby maybe even 2D Tower Of Hell)


Hey developer,

Not bad so far! I assume you’re still working on it? Anyway, I like how the setup is, and the map so far!

Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:


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Your playing it wrong you gotta use your whip on them not jump on them.

Would be really cool if this got based off of some classic games (one of my personal favorites being castlevania 3) since their generally pretty unheard of on roblox.

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Okay! That would be epic, yeah i think i could do that with the tools at hand.