Feedback on a quick gun I made

Hi! I decided to quick make my third build, and first gun build!
Here are some SS’s:
I’d just like some feedback on it, and some stuff I can maybe add to my future guns in the future!(Lot’s of futures :D)

This was made in Roblox Studio.



Well it’s too blocky in my opinion, maybe try adding some curves?

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Alr, do it in a few. Thank you.

Great start, but if I were you, I’d definitely add more angles/curves to make it look less blocky. And it might be a good idea to make the laser a bit transparent. :wink:

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I love the style honestly. Like some others said, it could use some curves unless you are going for a style like krunker io. If you are, then its great!

you know this gun would be like tn times better if you gave the handle some tilt and make the laser neon

Adding to this, maybe make the laser a particleemitter or beam

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The gun seems way too blocky, which therefore doesn’t make it stand out. Depending on the game and style you are aiming at, I could recommend adding curves and bends on the edges to input more detail.

I know, DRivex0 already told me. I’ll work on it.

Someone already told me this, I’ll add it.

Alr, I’ll add that! Thank you.