Feedback on a (secret) room build I made

This is one of the best builds I ever made, please give feedback on it if you can!

Dang, it would be cool to have a secret room like this one.
I used some free models but the rest is made by me.
Also, if you want to donate, the board is in the attic!
I also took inspiration from @MattGami (Feedback on my new "Secret Gamer/F.B.I Room")
Play it: gamer room - Roblox


It’s dark for a room, there should be optional lighting besides the red lights.

The walls also seem kinda plain.

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The walls are pretty tall, and I don’t really see much wrong with it from the images shown.


It was supposed to look that way. Also, mind playing the game, I turned up the brightness a little.

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Again, they were supposed to look that way.

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The room itself isn’t appealing and the free models stand out a lot, they spoil it slightly. I suggest maybe redesigning the layout, so it’s not so cramped, or changing the wall colour.

Good job though.

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Great work but too many free models, I can understand just one or two, like some effects or something but I see a lot of free models in this build.

It looks awesome! :slightly_smiling_face:

Just so that you don’t confuse free models with my creations, I will give you a list of free models I used:

  • Sitting Noob (In the attic)
  • Donation board (Also in the attic)
  • Yamaha Keyboard
  • The shoulder buddies, 8th annual bloxy mesh, and the other statue.
  • The Computer Keyboard and mouse.

I know that’s quite a bit, but that was the style I was going for. My creations + Free models.
Although I could make the computer keyboard and the sitting noob. The rest would take a lot of time (that’s why free models exists, they save you time).