Feedback on a showcase / vibe game

So it’s bent a month since I created 1:48 AM (The vibe game)
I Had some people help me build in the game but we ran out of ideas.
I See the game a little bit empty, Can we get feedback on what we can fill into the game?
ratings accepted too :slight_smile:

The game: 1:48 AM [ VIBE / SHOWCASE ] - Roblox

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Hello there! I’ve checked the game out and it’s really cool. I love the detailed builds.
Here are my suggestions,

GUI’s (seen below)
The GUI’s look a bit ugly, in my opinion. Here’s how you could make them better:
Remove Boarderlinepixel on the text inside the bottom GUI.
Position the textlabels accurately, in the middle and verticaly
Use a different color for the background. For dark i suggest 33,33,33


Leaderstats (seen below)
Make the stats more clear, instead of saying “Time”, say “Minutes”

Map (seen below)
Some of the parts of the map aren’t covered, although this is small, it’s more of a quality of life sort of thing.

Unmute Radio option
Once you mute the radio, you cant unmute it.

Thanks for reading! I hope the game goes well :slight_smile:

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I believe this topic belongs in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations

Thanks! going to fix that as quick as i can!

Hello, nomcell. The game that you created is well made and can be seen a good showcase/ vibe game.
However during my time playing the game I have spotted a few things:

  • Traces of building left over

  • Lack of detail behind the main area

That is all I could find about your game, as I said the game is very good but can be improved by adding these. I hope all goes well later on and stay safe :smiley:

Do you have a suggestion for the music playlist? or generally anybody?

Nope, love the music.

Also, I found a way to do this.

I’ll show you where you need to place an invisible part to fix it.

I Am coming over to look at it