Feedback on a simple game plot

Could you guys give me some feedback on the plot of a game i’m currently developing, fyi it’s mainly gameplay focused so the story is just a plus.

“Steal a bank to get some beans
You woke up in your house just to find out that you ran out of beans, instead of starving you decide to rob the local beans bank”

TL:DR haha bean bank go rob rob

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I’m not 100% sure about the idea. It just seems more funny than a real game.

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The fact that there’s a place called a “bean bank” is…questionable to me

The idea seems pretty funny and easily caught my attention. I’m sure this could become an interesting and amusing game if you end up making it!

Reminds me of Get a Snack at 4 am. Sounds fun! I think if you give the player the choice to stealthily rob the beans bank, or just bust in and quickly get out by being spotted, it would be a pretty fun game.