Feedback on a small build

Today I have just finished a small build I made today.

Here it is:

since I am pretty new I hope the photo shows the actual picture but for now my question is what are you currently working on today?


It looks good
I just don’t understand why is there sticks on the grass?
Is it like grass?
I mean, it doesn’t looks that nice for a low poly map.

Interesting, but maybe change the grass? Is confusing with sticks

Uh sure lol forgot to remove it

Looks nice, But I think you should add a bit more of green in there.

It’s pretty good! (Much better than what I can do. :joy: )

Some things to consider:

The trees look very plain, it just looks like you copy and pasted them, maybe rotated them a bit. image
You should try adding some variation on the trees, scale some up, scale some down, so it looks more natural. The rest look great! Good job! ^^


Looks good but maybe add a Water Fountain , Bushes and some more Detail on the Ground :+1:

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You could add dark parts on the walls, or torches if the game has a day/night cycle. This with more pebble like parts on the floor, instead of just from the left side of the screenshot.

I like it very much. Good Work :slight_smile: :+1:

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It looks awesome! I really like Low Poly maps!

Wow. It looks really cool you know