Feedback On a Song for a Lobby

Hello, I am a Intermediate Scripter and Beginner Builder, and I decided to start learning how to compose game songs. Today I decided I should probably try to make a song for a lobby, or a results screen, so I messed around with chrome music lab and made this:

The song is supposed to be simplistic and also loop
I am still debating if I should add a melody or not, and if it is game-worthy.

Is this song good-ish for a lobby?
  • Yes, it is good and doesn’t need any inprovement.
  • Yes, it is good though it could be better
  • No, there is minor inprovements that would fix it though.
  • No, it needs a lot of improvement
  • No, it is unfixable

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Thank you for your time.


It’s good, but you should make it longer. But so far, I could imagine listening to this in a game.


The first thing I noticed was the bass. It was very strong at 0:04.

I would recommend using something other than Chrome Music Lab. This would also get extremely repetitive and just be annoying to listen to after the first loop.
If you use something else to make music, especially since you’re starting to learn composing, than you will be able to make many improvements to this song, such as:

  • Adding more sections
  • Better/more instruments
  • Mixing

…to name a few.


Its pretty good but you need some improvements. First, it is kind of bland and unmixed with only one line of tune. You might want to have multiple sounds at once to make it sound more blended. Thats the biggest thing, but there are some smaller things to. It is very repetitive and only plays 2 or 3 instruments. If thats what your going for, nice. If not, i would recommend adding some.
It is also very short. It is a first draft though so thats fine

It sounds pretty good the beat and rest, but try to make some melody, it would sound great. Keep it up!

wow not bad however you only use 1 instrument throughout the piece you should use other instruments.

Those are called bass kicks. :upside_down_face:

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to start, don’t use chrome labs. its gonna give you a horrible idea about how to make music and limits you like crazy. instead, use softwares like soundtrap, garageband, LMMS, etc. they’ll give you more and are honestly simpler (yes i said simpler) than chrome labs. they are also free so there is no need to pay anything. besides that, its pretty good for someone who just started. no clashing notes and an basic progression. just practice and you’ll get better!

Yeah, Its Gotta Be Atleast Like 30 Seconds Long.