Feedback on a start of a low-poly map!

Hello all! I hope you are having a splendid day!

I was wondering how the beginning of my map looks so far! Here are some pics:

Yes, I know there is not much there. But don’t worry, I will hopefully be adding on to this!

So what do you think?

(All models and meshes are made by me.)


That looks cool! I like the lanterns a lot. Try maybe making the rocks a bit more “random”, kinda likea bit more deformed.

Also, that mud you added at the borders of the river could fit well at the whole river, but with some spaces in between, obviously.


I think it’s way too high poly and the poly are super inconsistent across the map like the trees and rocks. There are also some shading issues near the river which not sure if it was because of the paint or just a shading issue.


thanks man :blush:

I really want this project to get far and I will listen to your opinions. I also thought that the rocks were a bit too perfect, so I will go into Blender and fix that up!

Thank you for sharing!


I’d suggest starting with a cube and keeping it less round since generally rocks and pretty rough and have lots of sharp edges. 5-7 faces is probably the most I would go for a low poly rock (a small one)

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Could you please elaborate on what you thing is “high-poly”? Last time I checked, I am using low-poly terrain and <500 tris meshes.

The shading around the river is intentional. I agree though it is a bit messy.

What I meant was the terrain was too high poly compared to other assets of the game and I think the terrain just looked a bit high poly (but that’s just how I like to do it)

Also example which I took from google (I like to make the terrain fairly low poly but enough geometry for the terrain and also keep the rest a bit more high poly)


ohhh. I got it. Alright, I will try to fix that tomorrow (its getting late here and I wanna watch Cobra Kai lol)