Feedback on a testing version of my game

Hi guys,I’m developing a game based on the capture the flag template,it is my first game so it is not perfect.The game is still in development but I wonder if someone can give me feedback on a testing version that I just published on roblox , so I can know how to continue the project.There is still a lot of stuff missing in this demo but I hope it will give you an idea about how the game should be.The game is pretty simple:You and your team have to raid enemy’s fortress to get the flag in a space themed map. This is the link if you want to give me a feedback!Galaxy Flag capture - Roblox
If you see any bug or problems don’t forget to report them to me!

Your game is in private.
If you want to make it public go to game > public > save

I’m so sorry,I’m gonna fix(30 chars)

I fixed it, now you shoud be able to join

It’s very good for a first game! You should just make the lighting better!

Thank you for your feedback,do you really think that ?

Yea, I do! 30charsssssssssssssssssssssss

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Thank you,because I’m scared that people will not like it because it is based on a template(because I’m new to scripting,so at least I have the maingame script already coded,but I’m gonna add a lot of things to make it original)

The game is really well made! The objects look nice and the sound - music fit pretty well. The only opinions I have though is that the a few of the objects are un anchored when climbing the ladders they suddenly fell down and a few of the building parts fell off as well I don’t know if this is already a known issue?

There is a bit open space and not a lot of coverage options that only take up a few areas pretty big and empty however since this is just a test version. I’m pretty sure this will be done once fully released are there going to be shops and things to upgrade their guns or buy new objects that they could use? However, I was playing with my brother and once playing the game for a few minutes I couldn’t see him on the ground.

Like for an example, if I’m walking and he kills me, I won’t die it will only show on his screen, but from mine, I’m still walking I’m pretty sure that should be fixed as that will ruin the game if you can’t see the red team.

At the start I like the overall gameplay hope you continue to improve it, I’d be interested in playing it again from time to time.

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Your place is actually pretty good for an starter. I tested your game on phone and can say that I found two somewhat important problems.

  1. The countdown timer is too big for mobile, this is not a big problem for tablets, but it is for small phones.

  2. You can get out of the map pretty easily.

Even with these issues and the ones mentioned by Jordon, your game is pretty nice.

Ahhhh, I’m falling.

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Nice start!

At the moment I think the map needs the most work. I like the idea of an obstacle course to get to the flag, but there’s a bit too much empty area overall. I would increase the walk speed to make the game more fast-paced and to decrease the time you would be simply walking and climbing trusses. I would also add more stuff outside the buildings, like cover areas.

Also, I don’t think you should have code doors before the flags. Firstly, I don’t know how someone is supposed to guess the code, and secondly, someone who knows the code already can completely bypass the obstacle. I would put a different obstacle before the flag.

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Yes I think you are right about the code door.I can also try to make a forcefiled around the flag that can be deactivated for a certain amount of time(I guess 10 mins).Overall I still have a lot of stuff to do in that game!Thank you for your feedback!

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Thank you for your feedback.The problem that you mentioned is strange,when I was testing it with a friend that didn’t happened to us,maybe you had a connection problem and your brother’s avatar didn’t have rendered correctly,if the problem persist I will try to fix it.Reagrding the weapon-update system,I had some problems but maybe I will do it.The problem is that I had to put a cash indicator on the leaderboard,but that script messed up with the score system(if you take the flag it doesn’t give you any point)so I realized that maybe two indicators on the same leaderboard cannot work together(this is just my theory).So I have to make a Custom coin GUI but this is going to be a little bit difficult but I’ll try to do it.Regarding the map,I will build a lot things to fill it.Thank you for enjoing my game!

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