Feedback on a thumbnail I threw together

Hey all! I’ve threw together a thumbnail for my game, Battle for the Ban-Hammer. I will not go into depth on it as I do not feel like it is needed, but if you’re interested you can find more posts about it on my profile.

Anyway, I’m wondering any thoughts and feedback people can give on this thumbnail below?

Any feedback is appreciated, thanks!


The sphere in the middle seems very heavy for the eyes,very distracting and difficult to look at other elements of the image.Personally,the problem comes from the slightly transparent edge of the sphere.It would work much better if it was a semi transparent object.

  1. Sphere should be smaller, color should be different.
  2. The shadows of the characters are way off, should be changed, and the color is not appealing to the eyes.
  3. The blocks themselves should be spread farther apart or different in sizes.
  4. The Ban Hammer must be the main focus of the banner so IT should be bigger or at least try to catch the attention of the players/viewers.

Totally agree on the blocks there, I only noticed it after I had exported it sadly.
I feel like people have missed what I’m going for, eg. the sphere is an explosion of some kind. But, I believe that shows that the " explosion " clearly isn’t " explosion " enough so I’ll definitely work on making it better.

Thank you for your feedback, it’s appreciated!

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